Multifinger Caliper(MFC) provides a high resolution log along with the standard directional measurements expected from a modern caliper. The Hotwell MFC is compatible with Warrior Data Acquisition System, working independently…


The Radial Bond Tool (RBT) is equipped with one transmitter and two sensors constructed of piezoelectric crystals. The near receiver, located 3 ft from the transmitter, is constructed of an 8-sector radial receiver. Each sector provides…


Standard Tools include Wireline Telemetry Sub (WTS), Gamma Ray Tool (GRT), Quartz Pressure/ CCL (PCT), Fluid Density Tool (FDT), Capacitance/Temp/Flow (HTF), Folding Flowmeter (FFM) or, Continuous Flowmeter Jewel (CFJ), Roller…


The AFT uses a neutron generator to emit high energy neutrons into the surrounding environment of flowing water. The oxygen in the water is briefly transformed into an isotope of nitrogen and when this isotope decays back to oxygen, gamma…

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